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After years of good service, Nedstat has been bought out by a company called ad pepper media and they became Webstats4u. Shortly after it started injecting popup ads into users' pages. While I have a good stats service on my websites using Webalizer directly on the server, I have used Nedstat/Webstats4u to keep track of some individual pages.

While they have every right to do so (by their terms of service they can change their terms of service whenever they want to) they started injecting these advertisements with no warning. As my browser blocks automatically generated popups I was not aware that they were appearing on my pages until it was brought to my attention.

I have stopped using their so-called "service" as soon as I found out what was happening and I hope their greed will sink them. I am trying out a service called Statcounter and, so far, they are miles ahead of the service Nedstat provided.

I apologise to all users who have been subjected to this intrusion.

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