avendano.org August 21st 2014
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Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler. (Albert Einstein)

Website design in English and Spanish

Multi-lingual sites a specialty

  • Hand-made HTML5, XHTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL for fast downloads
  • Optimised code for fast rendering and correct accessibility
  • Logical organisation of website for easy navigation
  • Non browser-specific: there is more than just Unknown Unknown out there
  • Cross-platform: not everyone uses Wintel

Sample websites:

Tech News

August 20th 7:31 pm
Samsung-made Nook tablet announced
Barnes & Noble unveils a customised version of a budget Samsung tablet that replaces a model it used to make itself.

August 20th 5:27 pm
Taxi firm Uber to deliver groceries
Taxi firm Uber is trialling a same-day delivery service for more than 100 grocery goods in Washington DC.

August 20th 4:27 pm
Can online battle with extremists be won?
James Foley's death highlights the ever-evolving battle to stop online extremists

August 20th 1:54 pm
Hospital hack 'exploited Heartbleed'
A leading security expert alleges that hackers made use of the Heartbleed flaw to steal the personal details of 4.5 million healthcare patients.

August 20th 1:00 am
VIDEO: Hacker conference - behind the scenes
The man who can create traffic jams and other cyber-warriors