August 25th 2016
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August 25th 12:23 pm
Lawnmower prompts Northern Lights alert
A lawnmower has been blamed for wrongly triggering sensors that predict when the Northern Lights will be visible in the UK.

August 25th 12:20 pm
Microsoft Excel blamed for gene study errors
Microsoft's Excel has been blamed for some errors in academic papers on genomics.

August 25th 7:24 am
Pokemon Go-playing driver kills woman in Japan
A driver playing Pokemon Go while behind the wheel in Japan is arrested after hitting two women, killing one of them, say police.

August 25th 7:13 am
Ghostbusters star hit by cyber-attack
Intimate images of Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones and racist photos appear on her website after it was targeted in a cyber-attack.

August 25th 6:33 am
Self-driving taxi trial kicks off in Singapore
As the industry races to make driverless cars viable, a small fleet of computer-driven taxis are taking passengers in Singapore.

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