June 29th 2016
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June 28th 6:24 pm
Hands on with India's $4 smartphone
The BBC is given a first look at a smartphone costing less than £3, set to launch in India next week.

June 28th 5:14 pm
'Robot lawyer' fights parking tickets
A chatbot programmed by a British teenager has successfully challenged 160,000 parking tickets since its launch last year.

June 28th 4:58 pm
US border authority seeks travellers' social media details
Travellers seeking visa waiver entry to the US may soon be asked to list their social media profiles, if a Department of Homeland Security proposal is enacted.

June 28th 1:23 pm
AI fighter pilot wins in combat simulation
An artificial intelligence system developed in the US successfully intercepts two attacking fighter jets in a combat simulation.

June 28th 1:13 pm
Teachers fired over offensive private messages
Three US teachers lose their jobs after a private chat on messaging service Slack, in which they insulted pupils, was leaked.

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