avendano.org September 2nd 2014
I can see you

Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler. (Albert Einstein)

Website design in English and Spanish

Multi-lingual sites a specialty

  • Hand-made HTML5, XHTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL for fast downloads
  • Optimised code for fast rendering and correct accessibility
  • Logical organisation of website for easy navigation
  • Non browser-specific: there is more than just Unknown Unknown out there
  • Cross-platform: not everyone uses Wintel

Sample websites:

Tech News

September 2nd 3:38 am
FBI probes 'Cloud' celebrity leaks
The FBI looks into allegations that the online accounts of celebrities have been hacked, leading to intimate pictures being posted online.

September 2nd 1:28 am
Can geeks rescue science education?
Would you take your kids to a geek festival?

September 2nd 1:19 am
Windows XP: Your upgrade experiences
Readers share their experiences of replacing their operating system

September 1st 5:02 pm
Iran clerics 'must accept internet'
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani urges Iran's clerics to be more tolerant of the internet and new technologies after recent criticism from hardliners.

September 1st 4:28 pm
Google 'discourages' old browser use
Google has started showing old versions of its search page to people using out-of-date versions of web browsers.