April 29th 2016
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Tech News

April 29th 2:29 am
Billionaire investor dumps Apple shares
Billionaire investor Carl Icahn unloads his shares in Apple over the company's prospects in China.

April 29th 1:00 am
Can we trust cloud providers to keep our data safe?
Is our data more secure in the cloud?

April 28th 7:08 pm
Amazon rapped for illegal app charges
Amazon illegally charged parents for in-app purchases made by children, a US judge rules.

April 28th 3:47 pm
Man jailed for failing to decrypt data
A man is held in prison for seven months after failing to decrypt two hard drives that investigators suspect contain indecent images of children.

April 28th 3:22 pm
Doom creators seek cash for game
Two gaming veterans who helped create iconic title Doom are seeking cash to make a "classic" first-person shooter.

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