October 1st 2016
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October 1st 1:25 am
Virtual fashion
A designer has used London Fashion Week to show off her collection using VR technology.

October 1st 12:36 am
Bid to block US net handover rejected
A judge rejects a last-ditch attempt to stop the handover of internet naming power from the US to a non-profit group.

September 30th 3:12 pm
Guilty plea for Syrian Electronic Army accomplice
A Syrian man pleads guilty to charges of helping the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) extort cash from hacking victims.

September 30th 1:00 pm
Twitch to start offering a virtual currency
Video game streaming site Twitch is to introduce its own virtual "currency", says its owner Amazon Game Studios.

September 30th 12:17 pm
China starts streaming court trials
China has begun streaming court proceedings in many parts of the country in an apparent show of transparency.

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