February 14th 2016
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February 14th 10:46 am
The dating apps taking on Tinder
Valentine's Day drives big audiences to dating apps - but with market leader Tinder boasting 26 million matches daily, is there room for competition?

February 12th 9:38 pm
Quake mobile app invites public test
A new app that turns a smartphone into a mobile seismometer is being rolled out by California scientists.

February 12th 7:01 pm
Independent to cease as print edition
The Independent and Independent on Sunday newspapers are to cease print editions in March, leaving an online-only edition, their owner says.

February 12th 6:00 pm
Paedophiles use Facebook to swap images
Paedophiles are using secret groups on Facebook to post and swap obscene images of children, a BBC investigation finds.

February 12th 5:48 pm
Streetmap loses Google court challenge
A website that accused Google of abusing its "dominant position" in the online search market by "driving traffic" to Google Maps has lost its High Court action.

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