October 8th 2015
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October 8th 6:57 pm
BBC to screen live e-sports tournament
The BBC is to stream live coverage of an e-gaming contest for the first time

October 8th 6:16 pm
'Liking' on Facebook is changing
Facebook says it's bringing in new "reactions" emoticons to let users express things like love, laughter and anger.

October 8th 4:43 pm
UK firms develop drone-freezing ray
Three British companies have created a device to deter drones from entering sensitive areas by freezing them mid-flight.

October 8th 4:38 pm
Webcam hacker spied on sex acts
A Leeds-based hacker used a notorious piece of malware called BlackShades to spy on people engaged in sex acts.

October 8th 4:21 pm
Whose fault is a driverless car crash?
Volvo says it will be 'one of the first' firms to take full responsibility for accidents involving driverless cars.

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