May 30th 2015
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May 30th 8:56 am
Silk Road drug site founder jailed
Ross Ulbricht, the founder of online illegal drug marketplace the Silk Road, is sentenced to life in prison.

May 29th 1:50 pm
Porn, adware found on FBI web domain
Porn and adwarehave briefly taken over several web domains formerly owned by the FBI and used them to direct people to adware and malware sites.

May 29th 12:59 pm
Encryption 'key to free speech'
Encryption software that makes it hard to spy on what people do and say online is "essential" for free speech, says a UN report.

May 29th 1:00 am
North Korean hackers 'could kill'
Pyongyang's hackers are capable of attacks that could destroy critical infrastructure and even kill people, a high-profile defector warns.

May 29th 1:00 am
Looking for the future workplace
Is the future workplace a shiny tech paradise or robot led dystopia?

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