avendano.org October 2nd 2014
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Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler. (Albert Einstein)

Website design in English and Spanish

Multi-lingual sites a specialty

  • Hand-made HTML5, XHTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL for fast downloads
  • Optimised code for fast rendering and correct accessibility
  • Logical organisation of website for easy navigation
  • Non browser-specific: there is more than just Unknown Unknown out there
  • Cross-platform: not everyone uses Wintel

Sample websites:

Tech News

October 2nd 2:53 pm
Angry Birds maker to cut 130 jobs
The Finnish maker of hit mobile game Angry Birds, Rovio, will lay off 130 staff, accounting for 16% of its workforce.

October 2nd 8:20 am
VIDEO: Girl gets 3D-printed prosthetic hand
Five year-old gets life-changing new hand

October 2nd 6:30 am
Facebook apologises to drag queens
Facebook has apologised to transgender and drag queen users whose accounts were deleted for violating its policy on using "real names".

October 2nd 5:48 am
Japan in $617bn 'fat finger' error
Japan's stock markets were rattled after a trading error caused more than $600bn (£370bn) worth of orders to be made and then cancelled.

October 2nd 1:09 am
Will our cities be congestion-free?
Will our cities ever be congestion-free?