September 1st 2016
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August 31st 8:34 pm
Lenovo Yoga Book copies handwriting off paper notepads
Lenovo unveils an unusual tablet that detects handwriting on a notepad placed above.

August 31st 8:34 pm
Lenovo Yoga Book reads scribbles made on paper
Lenovo unveils a tablet that can read notes and drawings made on a pad of paper put on top of its digitiser.

August 31st 7:39 pm
Samsung Gear S3 watches get bigger screens and batteries
Samsung gives its new smartwatches bigger screens and longer-lasting batteries, but interest in the sector is limited.

August 31st 7:35 pm
Celebrity YouTube promotion fee '$187,000 on average'
YouTube personalities charge an average of $187,500 (£143,000) for each sponsored video, a talent agency says.

August 31st 5:58 pm
Mark Zuckerberg: I am sticking with Free Basics in Africa
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg tells the BBC he is sticking with his controversial Free Basics scheme during a trip to Nigeria.

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