September 25th 2017
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September 25th 6:35 pm
Uber: London Mayor Sadiq Khan backs talks after firm's apology
The London mayor welcomes an apology from Uber's boss in which the firm accepted it "must change".

September 25th 6:32 pm
Jared Kushner used private email for White House business
Trump's adviser and son-in-law used a private account, a practice Hillary Clinton was attacked over.

September 25th 5:46 pm
Anthony Weiner jailed for 21 months for sexting underage girl
The ex-congressman is sentenced to 21 months in prison for sending explicit messages to a teen.

September 25th 5:24 pm
Deloitte hit by data breach
The corporate finance giant says "very few" clients are affected.

September 25th 2:42 pm
David Meade death threats in end-of-world trolling
Mind-reader David Meade receives death threats after being mistaken for a US conspiracy theorist.

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