April 26th 2017
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April 26th 5:13 pm
Game guide malware 'targeted more than 500,000 users'
App-based guides for games like Fifa targeted more than 500,000 users with malware, a cyber-security company says.

April 26th 4:14 pm
UK protests Twitter's block on user data
Previously, the firm had allowed the government access to the data when investigating potential terrorist plots.

April 26th 2:41 pm
Fitbit investigates report of 'exploding' tracker
A woman in Wisconsin said she suffered second-degree burns when her fitness tracker exploded.

April 26th 2:37 pm
Twitter users up but 'headwinds' forecast
More people than ever are regular users of the message-in-brief platform, but it is still losing money.

April 26th 12:16 pm
MP asks Facebook to tackle 'fake news' as election approaches
The social network must address fake news as the UK's general election approaches, Damian Collins told the Guardian.

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