September 27th 2016
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September 27th 6:23 pm
Facebook told to stop collecting German WhatsApp data
Facebook has been ordered to stop collecting German WhatsApp data by the Hamburg privacy regulator.

September 27th 5:57 pm
Samsung reveals 60% of 'unsafe' Galaxy Notes exchanged
A global recall of Samsung's Galaxy Note, following exploding batteries, prompts 60% of owners to swap devices.

September 27th 5:55 pm
DJI's Mavic Pro fold-up drone detects obstacles
The world's bestselling drone-maker unveils a fold-up model that avoids collisions.

September 27th 2:31 pm
Ofcom to crowdsource UK mobile coverage
Ofcom is crowdsourcing UK mobile coverage via an Android app that it is asking users to download.

September 27th 2:28 pm
US tech firm sued over Asian recruitment discrimination
Silicon Valley firm Palantir Technologies is being sued by the US government over "systematic" discrimination against Asian applicants and members of staff.

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