April 30th 2016
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Tech News

April 29th 1:02 pm
Hackers hit Minecraft community site
Hackers have stolen login data for more than 7 million members of the Lifeboat Minecraft site.

April 29th 12:25 pm
Microsoft banishes Google from Cortana
Microsoft begins forcing people to use its Bing search engine with the Cortana digital assistant in Windows 10.

April 29th 12:12 pm
Court expands FBI hacking powers
The US Supreme Court approves a rule change that could allow law enforcement to remotely search computers located anywhere in the US, and beyond.

April 29th 2:29 am
Carl Icahn dumps Apple shares on China
Billionaire investor Carl Icahn unloads his shares in Apple over the company's prospects in China.

April 29th 1:00 am
Can we trust cloud providers to keep our data safe?
Is our data more secure in the cloud?

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