January 20th 2017
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Tech News

January 20th 3:59 pm
Google placed its own ads first, study claims
Adverts for Google products occupied 91% of the top slots on the firm's search results pages.

January 20th 3:00 pm
Paedophile Adam Isaac groomed boys on Minecraft
A man who groomed young boys through the online game Minecraft has been jailed for two years and eight months.

January 20th 1:11 pm
Amazon and Apple end exclusive deal on audio books
Apple and Amazon have ended a deal that tied them into an exclusive contract for the supply and sale of audio books.

January 20th 12:35 pm
Nintendo signals end for Wii U
Nintendo signals the "end of life" for its Wii U games console, which was first released in 2012.

January 20th 11:35 am
How the @Potus handover from Obama to Trump works
The presidential Twitter handle will be handed over later - here's how it works.

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