November 18th 2017
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November 17th 6:19 pm
Apple delays launch of smart speaker
The HomePod will now go on release in early 2018 as the gadget still needs work, said Apple.

November 17th 6:01 pm
Visibility poor
A shortage of weather data is holding back many African economies. Some start-ups are changing this.

November 17th 5:51 pm
Net filters help avoid dodgy domains
Consumers can get help to spot domains that are known to be used by phishing gangs and cyber-thieves

November 17th 4:47 pm
Germany bans children's smartwatches
Telecoms regulator says kids' smartwatches are spying devices and are to be banned under German law.

November 17th 4:02 pm
Unilad Facebook account blocked
The Facebook account for viral news website Unilad has been deleted.

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